Read Our List of the 99 Essential Restaurants in Brooklyn


Last fall, Village Voice food writers embarked upon a survey of Brooklyn restaurants in an attempt to enumerate the 99 restaurants that define Brooklyn’s culinary culture. We’re proud to announce our inaugural list of the 99 Essential Restaurants® in Brooklyn, now online and in print.

99 Essential Restaurants in Brooklyn follows 2014’s 99 Essential Restaurants in Lower Manhattan, which rolled out last March.

Each of the 99 Essential Restaurants in Brooklyn is a defining element of its geographical locale, and we’ve spotlighted restaurants we take our friends to when we want to show them what Brooklyn is really about.

We hope, through reading this list, that you learn something about these restaurants — but we also hope you learn something about Brooklyn.

Happy eating, and congratulations to each restaurant on our list.

See the full list of 99 Essential Restaurants in Brooklyn.