It’s readily apparent that no one captures the sprawling beauty of the American West like our friends across the pond. There’s more than a little of Nabokov’s
Lolita, for instance, in the aesthetic of
Wim Wenders‘s Anne Henderson, hair just a little too yellow, fuzzy jumper just a little too pink to resemble reality. Paris, Texas (1984), the exceptional road movie/family drama penned by Sam Shepard, screens today with an introduction by Wenders, kicking off MoMA’s major career retrospective of the German auteur. In fact, Wenders will introduce the entire first week of screenings, incorporating his twenty feature films and numerous shorts into a comprehensive “master class.” The postwar director’s longtime collaborator,
Austrian author Peter Handke, will also be on hand to present a new, 4K digital restoration of The Left-Handed Woman, their quiet 1978 meditation on a divorcée in
the process of reclaiming her life.

March 2-17, 3:45 p.m., 2015

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