Where to Find the Roasted Chicken That Chef Jesse Schenker Mauled This Month


At The Gander (15 West 18th Street, 212-229-9500) and Recette (328 West 12th Street, 212-414-3000), chef Jesse Schenker covers a wide range of comfort foods, like house-made pastas, charcuterie plates, and family-style suppers on Sundays. So it was no surprise that he was so smitten by another comforting dish, a full-flavored roasted chicken dish from chef Gabe Thompson of L’Artusi (228 West 10th Street, 212-255-5757):


“The best thing I ate this month was L’Artusi’s Roasted Chicken with hen-of-the-wood mushrooms,” he says. “It’s a little bit spicy and perfectly seasoned. The combination of the salty chicken fat and the crispy crust are perfectly balanced with the sauce, and the level of sophistication is depicted extremely well in the dish’s restraint and simplicity. The umami created from the porcini powder and the broccoli make you want to keep eating — I can maul it in less than five minutes, it’s so addicting!”

Where do chefs go to eat on their nights off? We’re asking them — and they’re divulging the best things they’ve eaten in the last month in this weekly column. 

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