We live in a world where, at the end of a hard week, we can kick back, roll a joint, and hang out with Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. Where we can turn to Tina Fey for career advice, Mindy Kaling for fashion advice, and Amy Schumer for sex advice. Where, thanks to these ladies and so many others, you barely ever hear anyone say “Women aren’t funny” anymore. Honor them — all of them — by eliminating the totally bogus qualifier “comedienne” from our lexicon once and for all, and by getting to Bad Assery’s Women and Comedy Conference. The three-day event aims to obliterate the idea of comedy as an inherently male profession, changing the conversation from “us vs. them” to “me vs. me.” A killer lineup of funny women will address the issue under the topic headings “What the fuck is their problem?,” “What the fuck is your problem?,” and finally “What’s the fucking solution?” Audience members can watch the speakers hash it out through stand-up, sketches, and panels, but are also encouraged to take part in dialogue via roundtable discussions. Kick it off at tonight’s opening happy-hour mixer.

March 27-29, 5 p.m., 2015