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You could call Karole Armitage trilingual; she’s fluent in ballet, postmodern dance, and science, and famed for her early punk-ballerina exploits. Her father was a biologist, and over her international career she’s collaborated with physicists, painters, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and a host of contemporary composers; she’s choreographed for theater, opera, circus and cinema, and has been called the choreographic heir to Balanchine and Cunningham. In the hour-long On the Nature of Things her troupe, Armitage Gone! Dance, explores climate change, with a performance on three stages for 30 dancers, to music by John Luther Adams, Philip Glass, Michael Gordon, Henryk Górecki, and Arvo Pärt, and with text and narration by biologist Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich.

March 25-27, 8 p.m., 2015