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In “100 Portraits: Woman Artists,” Barbara Yoshida makes a bold attempt to match centuries of seeing portraits of male artists in their studios. The analog-only photographer is known for having traveled the world to capture nocturnal images of towering, prehistoric megaliths that aren’t Stonehenge, as well as her nude self-portraits, in which she wears masks and poses in fairytale-like forests. Since 1990, she has photographed female artists, promising beginners and art world luminaries alike, with the same unaffected lens. The black-and-white photos take us as far as Tunisia and the Gambia, with crafts ranging from performance to sculpture, but there is an unflinching solidarity. Personal and political, these portraits commemorate Women’s History Month and the often overlooked talents of female artists working today.

March 3-27, 9 a.m., 2015

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