Tracers Is the Best Parkour-Based Action-Romance With Taylor Lautner You’ll See All Year


Bike-messenger boy meets girl, joins her NYC gang of parkour-ing thieves, and winds up in formulaic trouble in Daniel Benmayor’s Tracers, a by-the-books B movie only notable for its energetic action choreography.

In debt to a loan shark, Cam (Taylor Lautner) ditches cycling in favor of hopping, skipping, and jumping around Manhattan after meeting Nikki (Marie Avgeropoulos), a beauty in league with other one-dimensional urban-athlete twentysomethings who pull off daring heists while dressed like ninjas.

Cam is the usual good guy in a bad spot, and his need for cash drives him to join their crew, whose leader, Miller (Adam Rayner), likes to spout faux-philosophical nonsense about striving for new “plateaus.” Of course, what initially seems great to Cam eventually turns out to be rotten, which isn’t the case with the film itself: Tracers is a tedious, clichéd slog from start to finish, and only briefly enlivened by two prolonged chases in which handheld cameras maintain intense proximity to their subjects.

Even with a mustache and some chin hair, Lautner’s blank-eyed brooding reconfirms that he’s a featureless big-screen presence, and as the Twilight star leapfrogs his way over cars, through buildings, and between high-rise balconies, Tracers looks like it might be the next step in his seemingly fated path to cinematic obscurity.

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