Behold, the First Fresh Carrots in the Greenmarket


The very first, very tentative tiny carrots hit the Greenmarket today. Finally, some un-stored, fresh-picked produce coming out of the ground. Spring is really here. Much rejoicing.

“We planted them in the fall,” says Charlotte Sullivan of Queens Farm. “But then it got so cold so fast that we couldn’t harvest them. They’ve been in the earth all winter, which can be good for them, really, because they get sweeter. So we were waiting to see, and this week we checked, and they were perfect.”

In the center stall of the Queens Farm booth, you’ll find a basket loaded with mini carrots, the very definition of cute. And you can try one: crunchy, zippy, and bright, just begging to be turned into a chopped vegetable salad, or quickly roasted with a piece of cod and a squeeze of lemon, or simply eaten raw, with, perhaps, a light sprinkling of salt.

“What I look for in a carrot,” muses Charlotte, “is that it has a real snap to it. No weird spongy texture, which can happen if carrots are stored too long. Not always, but it can. Nobody wants to eat a floppy carrot.”

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