Is Graham Avenue Meats Closed for Good?


Just three days ago, Graham Avenue Meats and Deli posed the above question to the Twitterverse. Was double entendre meant here? It came a few days after the shop went dark, possibly for good.

The Brooklyn sandwich shop opened 30 years ago, and it puts out some of our favorite sandwiches in the city. So we were devastated to find it dark. What’s more, the phone number for Graham Avenue is currently not accepting messages, and both Yelp and Foursquare are listing it as closed.

“It’s been over a week since their gates have been down and we honestly don’t know what happened,” said an employee at Beaner Bar, Graham Avenue’s next-door neighbor. Employees at another restaurant nearby told the Voice that Letizia Virtuoso, who owned Graham Avenue with her late husband, Michael, told an employee to close the gates one afternoon last week and call it quits. A short time later, that same employee was looking for another job in the neighborhood.

We got in touch with a former employee, who said he was “not in a place” to answer any questions about Graham Avenue’s status at this time. It appears that some food items still sit in the orange deli case, and no note has been posted on the door about the closure. We’ve made repeated attempts to contact the restaurant for clarity. If we get further word, we’ll update this post.