New York has the Annual Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival for the same reason Britain has royal weddings — absolutely insane and enthralling headgear. The tradition goes back to the 1870s, when the city’s elite used to strut their stuff after church to show off their Easter Day finery. Downplay the religious angle, up-play the hats, and you’ve got today’s colorful, crafty, papier-mâché-heavy spectacle. Last year’s standouts featured six-foot-high bouquets, edible hats made of jelly beans and Peeps, a brilliant head-top reconstruction of the house from Up, complete with balloons, and dog hats galore. Grab a fistful of that green plastic Easter grass stuff, dye some eggs, stick it on your head, and join the pageantry. The art of millinery is alive and well in New York.

Sun., April 5, 10 a.m., 2015

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on April 1, 2015

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