This Week’s Beer of the Week Is a Simple Sour for a Simple Man


This just isn’t Tom Cotton’s week. The taxpayer-supported nincompoop and freshman senator out of Arkansas has made a name for himself by taking a heroic (potentially treasonous) stand, first against international diplomacy and more recently against human rights. In just the past 48 hours, he’s met with colossal failure on both fronts. Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is on the fast track to ratification, and Arkansas’s farcical “religious freedom” act has been reworded to (gasp!) disallow discrimination, in response to significant corporate opposition. Sadly for Mr. Cotton, as popular as it is to be an out-of-the-closet ignoramus in his corner of the earth, it still doesn’t wield nearly as much lobbying power as Walmart.

Still, what he lacks in functional intelligence, he sure makes up for in guts. You gotta boast some sort of fortitude to want — more than anything — to be on the wrong side of history. So, in extending an olive branch to the congressman on this glorious Good Friday, I’d like to invite him to New York to enjoy a local favorite from Peekskill Brewery: Simple Sour, for a bitter simpleton. After pouring it, however, I will naturally refuse to serve it to him. Not because he’s a bigoted moron. Of course not. But because, ya know, “religious freedom,” or something.

Brewed along the Hudson, about an hour north by train, Peekskill Brewery has broken in big here in the five boroughs. Although its flagship pale ales (NYPA and Amazeballs) have garnered notoriety for being aggressively hopped, New Yorkers ought to gain some perspective. If these beers were served in the bitter-crazed western regions of the country, they would hardly qualify as hoppy. If they were served in Iran, the IBUs might be enough to kill you. Amirite, Senator?

But hop-heavy beers are as generic to craft brewing as catered pizzas apparently are to gay weddings. What has set Peekskill apart from the beginning is its impressive and equally unique Simple Sour. Made with wheat, corn, and a healthy injection of a wild yeast strain known as Brett, it has but a wisp of tartness to its finish and is only slightly less funky than Tom Cotton’s worldview. Think of it as a gateway sour, if that potentially intimidating style of beer has ever piqued your interest. And with an ABV hovering around Cotton’s projected IQ of 4.5, this beer is brewed for long sessions of drinking.

Peekskill Brewery offers its beer throughout the city on draft only. Simple Sour is currently pouring at the Blind Tiger Ale House in the West Village, and, unlike any Southern social conservative, makes frequent appearances in Brooklyn. Its taphouse and pub is virtually across the street from the Peekskill Metro-North stop on the Hudson line. It makes for an idyllic weekend getaway. The brewery will serve anyone so long as they’re at least 21 — even Senator Cotton.