Mayor de Blasio Wants Your (Concise and Family-Friendly) Poems!


Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Office of Cultural Affairs are asking us to take to Twitter in honor of National Poetry Month.

Using the hashtag #PoetweetNYC, anyone can submit a poem between now and April 13 (the contest actually began on Monday) and the winning entries will be published in Metro New York on April 30 — otherwise known as Poem in Your Pocket Day. That’s the day all New Yorkers are required to carry a poem on their person at all times or be subject to a $350 summons. OK, not really — you’ll just be kind of a killjoy if you don’t. The basic rules for the contest are simple: The poems must be under 140 characters, submitted by an American who is an adult, and keep ’em clean, people. The full rules, because this is a government-sponsored activity, are extensive and are detailed here.

The city started promoting the event on Twitter last week.

It was a slow start, but the #poetweets are coming faster by the minute. By Monday evening there was quite a selection.

They ranged from gentle meditations on city life —

— to somewhat more pissed-off meditations on city life —

— to the lyrical —

— to the devastatingly eloquent (we don’t think this use of the word “motherfucking” is allowed under the contest’s vulgarity clause):

To enter your own Poetweet, just add the hashtag (#PoetweetNYC) and send it out to the interwebs. The city has some other events in store for poetry month too.