Exclusive Premiere: Listen to Ximena Sarinana Cover Pat Benatar With ‘Juntos Por Siempre’


The lovelorn hits of Pat Benatar may embrace all the neon, hairsprayed, and glorious youthful pop-rock balladry of the Eighties, but the highlights from her discography — “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” “Love Is a Battlefield,” “We Belong Together” — are timeless classics at this point and will live on far beyond the walls of any given karaoke bar. To cover Benatar well is a feat in and of itself. To do so en español is another awesome thing altogether, and that’s exactly what Ximena Sariñana did with her interpretation of “Juntos Por Siempre” (or “We Belong Together”).

The Mexican pop singer is releasing a deluxe edition of her invigorating debut, No Todo Lo Puedes Dar, on April 21, and “Juntos Por Siempre” serves as a bonus track for the new package. Sariñana makes a modern, digital foil for Benatar’s original, banking on its telltale dramatic drums while working some updated synths and her own belt into the fold.

Sariñana kicks off the North American leg of her international tour on May 16 at the Pachanga Festival in El Paso, Texas. She’ll make her way to New York for Latin Alternative on July 11, and open for Juanes at Madison Square Garden on August 19. In the meantime, give “Juntos Por Siempre” a spin below.


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