Remember that freshman-year requisite philosophy course? Some classes couldn’t end fast enough (diehard Nietzsche nihilists with a platform and free rein) and other discussions could hold the room forever (Disneyland as basically the Vatican City of Baudrillard’s simulacra?). Let’s hope tonight shapes up to be the latter, because there’ll be no proverbial bell to save you/oh-so-rudely cut you off. A Night of Philosophy, created by Mériam Korichi, amounts to an all-night marathon lecture, and so much more. Discover philosophy as performance with theater, art, video, live music, and DJ sets alongside the more traditional talks and discussion groups. Weigh in with your thoughts during 80 different events in two historic Fifth Avenue mansions. Coffee is complimentary all night, as well as croissants if you make it through to breakfast.

Fri., April 24, 7 p.m., 2015