Where to Find Cheap Tacos in Pelham Gardens


In most cities in this country, tacos are the ultimate street food — they’re flavorful, filling, and usually pretty cheap. But this is NYC, and as is the case with so many aspects of life (rent, groceries, coffee), what would be the most ubiquitous inexpensive fare anywhere else comes with a higher-than-usual price tag here. So if you’re looking for authentic tacos on the cheap, check out Tacos el Bronco II (corner of White Plains Road and Lydig Avenue, Bronx; 917-645-8720) in Pelham Gardens.

Set on a busy corner right under the elevated train tracks, this food truck isn’t exactly in an idyllic location, but the product is worth the visit. For just $1.75, each soft-shell corn tortilla is piled high with your choice of protein. For most people, two tacos should do the trick; order three if you’re ravenous.

There are multiple options from which to choose, and beef, chicken, steak, carnitas, al pastor, chorizo, and spicy pork are all solid selections. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, there’s plenty of offal available. Ever try beef head (cabeza) before? How about pig ear (oreja)? Here you can. Or dig in to pork stomach, beef tripe, or lengua (tongue).

Each one is topped with a heavy sprinkle of cilantro and raw onion. Lime, grilled green onion, radish, and cucumber are served on the side. House-made sauces, ranging from medium salsa verde to hot-as-hell habanero, are set out, in case you need some extra spice.