In an attempt to make art more accessible, and the High Line even more crowded (if that’s possible), the Whitney Museum of American Art has relocated. Or rather, has been relocating, as we’ve observed in the rise of the sleek, angular, space-age-y structure by Renzo Piano over the past year. Now it’s finally ready to cast open doors on its inaugural exhibition, “American Is Hard to See,” which comprises 600 works by nearly 400 artists, drawn entirely from the museum’s own collection. Admission will be free all day today during the grand opening, and an art-themed block party will take place on Gansevoort Street. Music, dance, poetry, and puppetry performances will occupy the main stage, with booths and interactive activities by a variety of artists and art collectives lining the street. Get online to secure your reservations to visit the museum — this historic event will likely fill up fast.

Fri., May 1, 10:30 a.m., 2015