Infamous ‘Club Kid’ Michael Alig Takes to eBay to Auction off Artifacts From His Glory Days


Almost a year has passed since Nineties nightlife icon Michael Alig was released from prison following his 1997 manslaughter conviction for his role in the murder of fellow club fixture and drug dealer Andre “Angel” Melendez. Although he has reportedly reappeared on the nightlife scene since his release, he has also resurfaced in a less likely place: eBay.

On Tuesday, Alig posted a link to Facebook for his online auction of a Disco 2000 invite. He is currently auctioning off fifteen items, mostly memorabilia from his reign as King of the Club Kids but also several Lego sets and original artwork. The descriptions are sparse, but it’s clear that this is Alig — the paper ephemera are all listed with the note that “this can be autographed at buyer’s request,” and some contain little anecdotal nuggets. The Voice has reached out to Alig to ask how his fire sale is going, and we’ll update the post if we hear back. Here are the highlights of Alig’s online offerings.

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1991 Disco 2000 Invitation, currently $70

The invite to the one-year anniversary of this legendary weekly party at Limelight is a piece of New York nightlife history, but the backstory Alig provides makes it that much better:

This was a very expensive invitation to print, I had to really fight Peter [Gatien] to pay for it…and to pay Zelda Rubinstein, who we tricked into hosting the event. This poster is approximately 20X26 inches big and can be autographed at buyer’s request.

In case you had forgotten, Zelda Rubinstein was the diminutive Poltergeist actress who played medium Tangina Barrons. Sadly, Alig does not expand on just how they tricked the late actress into hosting this event.

1987 Invitation to the Coronation Ceremony for the King and Queen of Manhattan, currently $40

Featuring the dethroning ceremony of celebrated drag queen Lady Bunny and former Voice columnist Michael Musto, this might just be the ultimate souvenir of a bygone New York. You should snap this up now before a developer buys this as lobby decor for a new luxury condo.

Puzzle Piece Invitation to the Second Opening of Tunnel, currently $35

Per the description, this was one of twelve pieces that together formed an image of Juliette Lewis in The Other Sister — each piece granted the bearer access to a different part of the sprawling Chelsea space that reopened following a closure due to nuisance citations. Tunnel paved the way for today’s insane megaclubs like Pacha, where Alig has been spotted since his release last May. The Tunnel closed its doors for good in 2001 after a failed attempt by owner Peter Gatien to hold on to the property despite nearly $2 million owed in back rent.

1992 Invitation to the Glammies, currently $50
Alig’s answer to conventional awards shows was the Glammies, featuring categories for Best Doorman, Best Go-Go Dancer, and more. Held at Limelight (which is now an inexplicable high-end shopping center), the Glammies were a who’s-who of Club Kid superstars.

Invitation to Four-Year Anniversary of Disco 2000, Currently $45
The main event at this star-studded four-year anniversary of Disco 2000 was the world’s largest K-hole, in which hundreds of attendees ingested ketamine at the same time. Alig recalls this in his listing:

as “entertainment”, something only I could dream up, Don’t try this at home, folks! In fact, don’t even try printing an invitation with the words “k-hole,” because you will most likely wind up in the slammer! A must for every collector of that special part of the 90s where Society collapsed and caved in on itself.

No word on how the evening turned out, but chances seem good that there are a few people still in that K-hole today.