Kool A.D.


Das Racist may have broken up in 2012, but rappers Himanshu Suri (Heems) and Victor Vazquez (Kool A.D.) are still putting out their signature brand of avant-garde hip-hop. Heems released his first solo record earlier this year — snagging a Village Voice cover story along the way — to much fanfare and acclaim. But over the last three years Kool A.D. has been dropping solid mixtape after solid mixtape, continuing to spit his verbose, slightly absurdist flow over relaxed, backpack-esque beats. Heems hosted his record-release show at Santos Party House on March 10; it’s nice to know he and Kool A.D. can still share a stage, even if not at the same time.

Thu., April 30, 7 p.m., 2015