Wiz Khalifa Dusts Off ‘We Dem Boyz’ and Furious 7 Paul Walker Tribute for SNL


Wiz Khalifa’s extracurricular activities — smoking pot, tweeting from jail, enacting tabloid drama, smoking pot some more — garner as much, if not more, attention when compared with his music. While Blacc Hollywood was one of the more anticipated record drops of 2014, most headlines trailing the rapper from the ‘Burgh have to do with antics, or romantic troubles, or whatever dank cumulus happened to gather around his most recent concert.

But after Saturday Night Live? Everyone’s talking about Khalifa’s goofy moves. (And his ease at the mic, but, y’know, silly dancing. Or emphatic jumping and swaying, really. It’s a universal joy and near the top of everyone’s list of favorite things.)

While it was totally enjoyable, and dude’s positivity was infectious, Khalifa’s presence on SNL is a bit confusing — and it’s not a matter of why, but why now. Yes, Furious 7 — the film which counts his “See You Again” on its soundtrack at a particularly poignant moment — is still playing in theaters, and the tune serves as the first single of his to hit the airwaves in ages, making it a timely pick for an SNL set. But “We Dem Boyz,” off Blacc Hollywood, has been circling playlists and every setlist he’s conquered for over a year now, and as such, it felt a bit stale to those of us who’ve seen Khalifa bounce from big stage to big stage in support of an album that’s half a year old at this point. It’d be great to see him do something new that’s wholly his, a tease from an upcoming mixtape or a hint as to what he’s working on, ’cause hey: People are showing up to hear it, and Furious 7 is great and all, but give us more Blacc Hollywood and less Hollywood ASAP, please.

That being said: Khalifa didn’t disappoint, and “See You Again” was a stunner that had him running through the touching tribute to Paul Walker with a crisp sincerity perfectly suited for the occasion. “We Dem Boyz” was just as rousing as it is on any festival stage.

How’d Twitter react? A small avalanche of “KILLIN’ IT”s rolled in, 140 characters at a time, for the most part, but one aspect of Khalifa’s performance made more of an impression than his verses: his moves.
[It’s true. There’s not.

Bless NBC for bringing us this glorious GIF of ScarJo and Wiz’s sign-off.

We’re gonna assume you’re talking about Charlie Puth, who lends his vocals to “See You Again,” ’cause otherwise, comparing Wiz Khalifa and Sam Smith is like comparing M&M’s and a volleyball or something.

No reporting was done to confirm that Khalifa does, in fact, do tae bo.

But really, though, people were kind of obsessed with how the guy moved.

And lol.

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