Weekend Recap: May Day, the Fight for Legal Weed, Blur in Brooklyn, and Wiz on SNL


American Pharoah and Floyd Mayweather each had a great weekend, even if the latter’s victory was as boring as the former’s predicted win was thrilling. If you were at home, shelling out $100 for pay-per-view or shopping for the best whiskey for your mint julep, you might have missed these events happening in New York.

New Yorkers started the weekend with snarled traffic on the Lower East Side on Friday, and with the return of the NYPD helicopter high above Union Square during the annual May Day workers’-rights parade, during which protesters kept police violence front and center. By 5 p.m., more than a thousand people had gathered in Union Square to join the planned parade, and shouts of “black lives matter” mingled with “fight for $15” and “we’re here, we’re queer, we’re fabulous.” See more photos from May Day in our slideshow.

On Saturday, the annual NYC Cannabis Parade went down in Union Square. Demonstrators showed their support through their clothes, costumes, and by distributing flyers that described the merits of recreational and medical pot use.

Others took a more literal approach, which created a haze that hung over the park for most of the afternoon. See more photos from the 2015 NYC Cannabis Parade.

In music, Britpop group Blur performed a free show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in honor of their new record, The Magic Whip. Save for a short encore, the set was composed wholly of songs off that new disc. And of course they saved “Song 2” — their lone American hit — for last. Read our review of Blur at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

On Saturday night, Wiz Khalifa performed on SNL, where the internet reacted mostly to his goofy moves. (And his ease at the mic, but, y’know, silly dancing. Or emphatic jumping and swaying, really. It’s a universal joy and near the top of everyone’s list of favorite things.) Read our review of Wiz Khalifa’s performance on Saturday Night Live.

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