How to Make a Salty Dog, and Avoid the Pitfalls of Cuteness


Life at the Dog Park, my friend David has a new puppy. A very tiny chihuahua. It is the size of a medium avocado. It’s basically a fictional dog, but in real, very sweet life.

“He’s smol,” says David. Which is apparently a thing now. And he is. So smol. Maybe six inches top to bottom. I chirrup at him. He ignores me. Because I am talking gibberish, and he is a dog who does not understand language.

So dogs were on my mind when I discovered the grapefruits on special offer (for some reason) at Westside Market and brought them home to make salty dogs.

A salty dog, in case you were wondering, is basically a vodka-grapefruit, but served in a salt-rimmed glass so that you get a briny kick as you sit back and let your mind wander: How could a dog be so tiny and not be a hamster? How could a dog be so tiny and not be in my lap right now? Cuteness makes squee-ing idiots of us all. Thankfully, salty dogs bring us back.

Tip Maldon salt onto a plate, and wipe the rim of the glass on the cut grapefruit to moisten. Twirl the rim in the salt to coat. Shake equal parts vodka and grapefruit juice over ice and pour carefully into the glass. So simple. So good.