This year, the Village Voice named Torah Animal World the hands-down, no-contest, seriously-just-look-at-it number one on our list of “The Ten Strangest Museums in New York.” A truly impressive taxidermy collection of all the animals appearing in the Old Testament, Rabbi Shaul Shimon Deutsch’s is quite the menagerie, displayed in what amounts to his Brooklyn living room. The Morbid Anatomy Museum hosts this excursion to view the collection of over 500 preserved animals, including a lion, elephant, and the top half of a giraffe. Unlike most natural-history museums, Torah Animal World encourages visitors to touch and closely examine specimens in the name of education. It’s probably the closest you’ll ever come to seeing a bear in the midst of taking down a deer, or a gator jammed into the personal space of a wolf. Only wonders await.

Sun., May 17, 1:45 p.m., 2015