Exclusive Premiere: Listen to Kevin Devine’s ‘Geissen’


Kevin Devine fans, rejoice: It’s been a minute since you made the Brooklyn singer-songwriter’s last two records happen, but he’s finally back with new music.

Since 2002, Devine has been perfecting the art of the acoustic slowburn one set at a time, stunning audiences while weaving his steel strings into a tapestry of various lyrical feats. In 2013, a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign funded Devine’s following two albums — one with a band (Bubblegum), one with little more than Devine, his voice, and his guitar (Bulldozer) — and Devine set about touring behind them. He hasn’t released any new music since, until “Geißen,” the moving, paradoxically somber-yet-chipper tribute to Mike Skinner, his dear friend and bandmate who passed away last year.

“Geißen” is the B side to Volume 2 of the Devinyl splits, the 7″ series Devine is releasing over the course of 2015 that taps Matthew Caws, Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy, Tigers Jaw, and other artists to include select cuts from their respected discographies. The A side is Graves’s first solo single, “Took the Ghost to the Movies,” and will be released via Bad Timing Records on May 26.

Listen to “Geißen” below:

Devine is currently wrapping up a tour in the U.K., but will return to the States in time for a set at Asbury Park’s Skate and Surf Fest on May 17.

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