People Really Hate the Mets Fedora Giveaway


“Come on Mets. You were doing so well.”

That’s one of the many comments Mets fans left on the club’s Facebook, after the team’s marketers reminded everybody that the first 15,000 fans to Saturday’s game will get a free fedora. Pop culture has taught us that the rule is “one fedora per crew,” but what if your crew is the population of Citi Field and there are 15,000 fedoras?

“Tomorrow is our most stylish giveaway this year,” enthused the team on Twitter.

“This was a bad idea and you know it,” replied someone two minutes after that tweet.

(It’s arguable this specific hat is more of a trilby than a fedora, says the Voice‘s resident hat expert: “A fedora has a wider brim.”)

It’s easy (too easy?) to knock the fedora, but the style, which has been around since 1891 or so, hasn’t always been a fashion accessory derided by people who like to pluck low-hanging fruit and who are prone to saying “FAIL” any time they disagree with something.

No, the fedora, back when it was knocking the homburg off its perch as the hat de rigueur, was a bold fashion statement. It’s since been adopted by some in the women’s-rights movement. Not entirely unrelated to the fedora’s reputation as something that triggers a hard, fast left-swipe is its seeming adoption by the Not-All-Men crowd. Sigh. When it came to fedoras, there used to be a middle ground. It had a populist appeal but carried a slight edge. No more.

Yet the fedora persists, its class shining through joke after joke. And when a team like the Milwaukee Brewers comes to town, New Yorkers want to show their Midwestern rivals a little street-wise attitude, and what better way than with a fedora?

While it’s unlikely Mets fans will single-handedly bring back the fedora’s reputation on Saturday, if anyone can do it, it’s a New Yorker. It’s might be tempting to dress for the weather (shorts, a Mets jersey), but if you really want to pull off the fedora, you might want to think about wearing whatever Leonard Cohen wears instead.

If you want to go to the game, here’s where you can buy tickets.

Below are people who really hate the Mets fedora giveaway, which is not the first fedora giveaway in the big leagues — the Arizona Diamondbacks held a fedora giveaway recently, too, theirs in a sandy, desert color.

To be fair, not all Mets fans hate the hat. Others simply just like it. One smartly connects it to the Mad Men series finale on Sunday: