One of NYC’s more macabre institutions, the Morbid Anatomy Museum examines the intersection of the grim and the beautiful through exhibitions, lectures, and workshops. Today, Andrea Janes, whose short-story collection, Boroughs of the Dead, blends truth and fiction to show readers the city’s ghostly side, hosts Museums, Medicine, and Mesmerism: A Historical Walking Tour, inspired by her book. Meet at City Hall Park and follow Janes on a journey through nineteenth-century New York. She recalls a time when the sick were subject to the experimentation of questionable doctors who placed their faith in oddball treatments like the “water cure,” and people kept wonder cabinets full of curios that might include the bones and organs of the dead. (Visit the museum’s Brooklyn shop to begin developing a cabinet of your own.) Get your tickets online for this stroll through our disturbing medical past.

Sat., May 23, 3 p.m., 2015