The Third Human Centipede Races to the Bottom With Abandon


A descent into a dank, rank hole of meta depravity (and doo-doo), The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) follows in its 2011 predecessor’s footsteps by turning inward on itself.

Inspired by the first two movies, an American prison warden and his trusty sidekick (Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey, the respective stars of those earlier efforts) decide that the best way to cope with out-of-control operating costs is to fashion an enormous ass-to-mouth human centipede out of inmates. Before getting to that hideousness, however, the film first sees fit to subject its audience to Laser eating fried clitorises (imported from Africa!), castrating a prisoner and consuming his testicles, forcing his secretary (Bree Olson) to swallow after imposed oral sex, and spitting an incessant stream of racist, misogynistic, xenophobic filth.

Reveling in all manner of sexualized and defecation-centric degeneracy, and ultimately equating George W. Bush to Hitler for good faux-political-commentary measure, Tom Six’s threequel races to the bottom with abandon, all while indulging in tired wink-wink self-consciousness that includes Six himself showing up to witness his movie monster made real (and to be slandered by Laser as “a poop-infatuated toddler”).

With Laser’s performance a thing of over-the-top insanity, and with Eric Roberts in tow as a morally challenged governor, Human Centipede 3 plays like the grimmest and most grotesque (if not very funny) horror-comedy imaginable, one that takes pleasure in introducing the world to the concept of “death rape,” and which fittingly ends with the sound of maniacal, ecstatic screaming to the God-less heavens.