Nick Di Paolo Explains the ‘Comics Table’ at the Comedy Cellar


Nick Di Paolo came to New York City in the early Nineties along with fellow Bostonian Louis C.K. With his thick Boston accent and a penchant for vicious swipes at political correctness, he’s referred to as a comic’s comic because there is no façade, no act with Di Paolo. He’s had three half-hour specials of his own on Comedy Central, as well as a critically acclaimed one-hour special, Raw Nerve, on Showtime. His latest album, Another Senseless Killing, is out now and can be heard on his website. He most recently portrayed one of the “Twelve Angry Men” in Amy Schumer’s sketch that went viral.

Di Paolo was a regular for the entire two-year run of Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn and became a staple on the Comedy Central roasts. He’s also gone on to make appearances on FX’s Louie. And he was a writer for two seasons of The Chris Rock Show, for which he was nominated for two Emmys.

In this episode of “This Is Stand-Up,” Di Paolo talks about his first appearance at the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village, and how he is the one responsible for the legendary “comics table” at the club where Tough Crowd was filmed and also where Louis C.K. is often seen editing his show. To this day, this comedian-only area serves as a place for comedians to riff with each other and hang out in between and after their sets.