A Beer to Dip Your Doughnut In


National Doughnut Day is real. In fact, America takes the breaded treats so seriously that we have no less than a baker’s dozen worth of “holidays” devoted to them.

If you were unwilling to brave endless lines at Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme to cash in on a free treat today, remember that International Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day is just around the corner. If you’re a cream-filled aficionado, you’ll have to wait until autumn. But regardless of your specific pastry preferences, there’s a locally-brewed beer to pair perfectly with it: Milk & Honey from Greenpoint Beer and Ale Company.

Brewed on a small 5-barrel system in the rear of their restaurant, Greenpoint’s sweetly layered blonde ale is worth a trek to its neighborhood of origin. It’s made with dessert-friendly ingredients seldom seen in beer production. Chamomile, wildflower honey, milk and sugar are all introduced prior to fermentation. The end result kicks forth a hint of cinnamon and biscuit in the nose, slightly reminiscent of our nationally celebrated confection. The lingering maltiness it supplies is a welcome departure from the overhopped IPAs dominating the craft scene. Hopheads need not apply.

Operating a bonafide microbrewery affords the crew at Greenpoint the ability to be playful with production, whipping up experimental batches that larger scale breweries wouldn’t dare mess with. In less than a year on the scene, they’ve already worked with fresh fruit, chocolates, and even funky yeast strains, to expert effect. Milk & Honey embodies that whimsical approach, but it never strays too far off the reservation. It’s a 4.9% session ale that’s endearingly easy to sip. You might even want to take your doughnut for a dip, if you’re not afraid of skeptical stares from strangers.

Unlike the venerated treat of the day, a pint of Milk & Honey will set you back a few dollars. But you won’t have to wait in any line to get it. Just head over to Dirck the Norseman or Paulie Gee’s Pizzeria just down the street in Greenpoint. BYOD.

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