Suspect Arrested in Decade-Old Cold-Case Murder of 85-Year-Old


More than a decade after 85-year-old Charles Boyd was found dead in his Queens apartment, police say they’ve arrested his killer in Texas. Jamal Darrow, described by authorities as Boyd’s godson, was arrested “without incident” on June 3 at his modest home in a San Antonio subdivision. Officers from both the local department and the NYPD took part in the arrest.

In April 2005, Boyd’s home health worker reportedly discovered Boyd’s body in the retired city bus driver’s Jamaica apartment. As the Daily News reported in 2013 — when the case was still considered cold — the health worker had gone to Boyd’s apartment earlier in the day to drop off medication and returned later to find Boyd lying in a pool of blood.

Darrow was extradited from Texas, and a grand jury in Queens indicted him on first-degree murder charges. He was arraigned on Monday. A press release from the Queens district attorney says Darrow is accused of stabbing Boyd multiple times in his torso, face, and neck during a robbery attempt.

The D.A. hasn’t said what led authorities to San Antonio and, ultimately, Darrow, though the Daily News quoted an anonymous police source saying new information had emerged. In 2013, the police said publicly that they had no suspect in the killing.

In what might be nothing more than an odd coincidence, a San Antonio newspaper quoted a man named Jamal Darrow — identified as “a New Yorker recently relocated to San Antonio” — in a story published in December of last year. The news item focused on planned improvements at a downtown San Antonio sports arena. Neither the Queens D.A. nor the San Antonio Police Department responded to questions about the article, or whether it might have tipped police off to Darrow’s whereabouts.

A brief report from the San Antonio PD on Darrow’s arrest can be read below.

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