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Man Convicted of Shooting Brother of Former NY Giant to Be Sentenced Today


Lonnie Miller, a 24-year-old man convicted in 2012 of the execution-style shooting of the brother of an NFL player, will be sentenced today on first-degree assault charges, having been acquitted of an attempted-murder charge.

The victim in the case, Calvin Ogletree, spent months recovering from the injuries he sustained in the incident. According to news reports, Ogletree, then 26, was at Calli Exotic Car Rentals on Linden Boulevard on a winter day in the St. Albans neighborhood of Queens when two men arrived to confront him. After an argument over money, things turned physical. After beating Ogletree in front of his store, Miller allegedly fired a single round from a .25-caliber handgun through his skull, leading to the lengthy hospital stay and grueling recovery for Ogletree.

Miller was initially charged with murder, but his first trial ended in a mistrial after a doctor testifying in the case said he had insufficient access to medical reports.

Calvin Ogletree is the older brother of Kevin Ogletree, until recently a wide receiver for the New York Giants. The Daily News in 2012 wrote about the siblings’ close relationship as children, and the divergent paths their lives took. Both star athletes in their youth, Kevin went on to a career in professional sports while Calvin stepped back from athletics.

If convicted, Miller could face up to 25 years in prison.

Jon Campbell is a staff writer for the Voice, covering criminal justice, legal issues, and the occasional mutant park squirrel.

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