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NYPD Officers’ Racist Comments About Charleston Shooting Are Depressing


Some NYPD officers on Thee Rant, a controversial law enforcement message board, wasted no time making inflammatory, racist comments about the Wednesday shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina. Nine people are dead after the attack by a suspected white supremacist.

Worse, this isn’t particularly surprising. As ProPublica documented in April, the site — which is populated by both retired and active-duty NYPD cops — is a cesspool when it comes to race issues, and some in the department think it’s a liability for the force. (They’re right.) According to ProPublica, NYPD leadership attributes the bigoted posts, which appear with depressing regularity, to just a few bad apples, to use an unofficial department term.

“It’s very disturbing stuff. Outrageous stuff,” Stephen Davis, the chief spokesman for the NYPD, told ProPublica about previous instances of racist comments. “We see it. It’s a problem.”

But as long as the users on Thee Rant’s forum continue to spew their disgusting views, guess we might as well air them out:

How fycked up have I become…

I really don’t give a shyt that these ….people…were gunned down.

Maybe because I’m sick and tired of ‘their’ community ruining everything they touch.

Guess I’m going to hell. Oh well

— user Nothinbutdatruth  [ellipses in original]

Was it a wedding or a funeral?

— user dominop

Eight dead, white perp, let the rioting begin!

— user dominop

It’s sad that any group of people are killed, whatever the motivation. Now, the full weight of the government will be brought to bear after his capture. Already, obongo and his newest henchman, lynch have jumped in with their comments, all the while fanning the flames. Would that this same attention be used if things were reversed, a black man-sorry, african American-shooting and killing White people. If the federal government is pushing for a race war, they might just get it.

— user Oltimer87

who amongst us didnt see this coming? its horrible when any innocent person is killed, but we all knew some nut was going to get sick of all this racial %%*% and go postal

— retiredin05

Of course, there were also comments that might be described as, ya know, human.

Nine innocent people are dead while they were at church. May their souls RIP. Catch the savage and take him out.

— user True Blue

Cops have as much a right to free speech as anybody else. It’d be nice if some of them didn’t exercise it this way.


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