Design Your Own Non-Racist Seal for the City of Whitesboro, New York


So the current seal for the village of Whitesboro, New York — it shows the town’s founder engaging in a “friendly wrestling match” with a chief from the local Oneida tribe — is raising a few eyebrows after our story on it ran earlier this week. A lot of people think it looks a little racist. The town’s mayor says it’s a little more complicated than that. But wait:

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if they just scrapped the current design in favor of a new one?

Can somebody out there please just design a new seal? Calling all Photoshop wizards, Microsoft Paint ninjas, pen & ink masters, and cocktail-napkin Picassos! Please help save this fine upstate Camelot from itself.

According to Wikipedia, the source for such things, ice-skating was once so popular in the town that the fire department would spray water over a playground and most of the village would come out and skate on it — how idyllic! How is a peaceful community ice-skating together not already on the seal?

The Whitesboro town hall is on the National Register of Historic Places. How about that? (Now, while a picture of a building might not inspire admiration from residents and visitors, at the very least it won’t make the world think your town founder was a strangler.)

How about putting William Whipple Warren on the seal? Born of a white father and an Ojibwe mother, his mixed-race heritage is one the people should embrace after this whole seal debacle.

Conversely, why isn’t the local Oneida chief choking the town’s founder on the seal? How about they turn the tables!

It’s time to help this real-life Pawnee. Please send your submissions to (or post in the comments). We may even post a few in the paper, who knows?

Here’s the current seal one more time: