Overheard at 4Knots Music Festival, 2015


We came, we saw, we filled a boat at Pier 84 with a bunch of rowdy music freaks and we conquered.

The fifth-annual 4Knots Music Festival brought Super Furry Animals, Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks and a score of rock-minded bands to Hudson River Park on July 11. The music made for some of the most memorable sets we’ve seen this year — hell, Super Furry Animals put on actual super furry animal suits and someone should check on the Twin Peaks guys to make sure they didn’t bang their heads into concussed puddles of goo — but the comments that piped up from the crowd over the course of the ten hours were just as noteworthy. Here are the best, goofiest, WTF-iest comments we overheard while walking through the crowd of 4Knots 2015.

“Gouda!” “Swiss!” –  Meatbodies mentioned they felt sick from the cheese they ate the night before, so a woman in the crowd started heckling. Or comisserating. Hard to tell.

“These guys have the best job.” – Guy gazing approvingly at the Malkmus & the Jicks roadies

“Got your earplugs on?” – Stephen Malkmus to the photographers in the pit

“I need SPF of like, a million.” – Same

“THIS IS MY FIRST TIME ON A BOAT! IT WAS SCARY! I GOT SEASICK! IT WAS GOING WAY TOO FAAAAST!” – Twin Peaks’ Cadien Lake James, referring to the (docked and stationary) boat alongside the stage

“Moby on the keyboard!” – A (mistaken) young man referring to Jicks multi-instrumentalist Mike Clark

“I quite enjoyed Twin Peaks!” – Malkmus onstage

“The bassist is right over there. We could go talk to him! His hair is crazy.” – Enraptured fans trying to approach one of the guys from Meatbodies

“We’re the Minions, presented by Dreamworks!” – Meatbodies gettin’ silly while introducing themselves

“Go for the groin!” – Dude to his friend preparing to snatch a pack of jerky off the Perky Jerky suit-wearing dancer

“I think this guy covered in jerky is the man of my dreams.” – Also same

“Play that digital shit – YEAH!” – Ecstatic Super Furry Animals fan

“GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!” – Super Furry Animals’ Gruff Rhys responding to a honk from the neighboring the Circle Line

“Are those churros?!” – Confused onlookers ducking as Super Furry Animals hurled carrots and other vegetables into the crowd

“Smooth Cruise? What is that, Carlos Santana?” – Discussing other musical voyages during Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks’ set

“Do you want to go smoke weed in the Port-o-Potty?” – NOPE.

“I hooked up with a girl from Tinder in that high-rise.” – Guy pointing across the river to the girl he swiped right on

“Can we go kayaking later?” – Upon seeing kayakers heading out into the Hudson alongside Pier 84

“Walk toward the giant inflatable vodka thing.” [Pause] “Uhm, the one on the boat.” – Friends don’t let friends chase down the wrong giant bottle of inflatable vodka, after all