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‘Pound’ Is a High-Spirited Meditation on Love and Why Lesbians Love Hiking So Much


Where do the lesbian characters famously portrayed by Judi Dench, Gina Gershon, and Sharon Stone all magically cohabit? In the alternate universe of Sapphic cinema icons imagined by Marga Gomez in her charmingly raunchy solo show Pound.

Now playing at Dixon Place as part of its annual Hot! Festival, Pound is a high-spirited meditation on love, desire, and why lesbians love hiking so much.

Striding onstage in a plaid shirt and combat boots, Gomez skewers lesbian stereotypes with winning intensity, while telling a woolly tale in which she’s writing a screenplay, possibly about herself, but definitely about lesbian culture, sex, and Hollywood. After enduring many trying episodes in this world — she attempts online dating, only to be rejected by Sadgirl2; she gets outed as celibate by her gynecologist — Gomez lands in a lesbian neverland populated by celebrity avatars. Will Gomez escape back to reality? Can she score a ride in the red pickup from Bound first? And what exactly is Dashiell Hammett doing here? It’s all a little hard to say.

Gomez’s punchlines are funniest the first time; even at 90 minutes, the piece gets repetitive, and the story convoluted. Still, where else can you see the ladies from The Children’s Hour mingle with Dench’s harridan from Notes on a Scandal? Gomez’s oddball imagination makes Pound worth the trippy ride.

By Marga Gomez
Dixon Place
161A Chrystie Street