Boston Builds New York City Subway Station for ‘Ghostbusters’ Set, Gets it Wrong


With production starting in Boston on the new Ghostbusters film, cameras are capturing images of various filming locations around the city. As with the original, which was released in 1984, the film takes place in New York City but is being shot elsewhere (the original was shot mostly in Los Angeles). This requires some New York–centric set pieces to be built in public places, a couple of which have already been spotted.

One of them is a subway station, which appeared this week at 125 High Street in Boston’s financial district. It looks pretty good, no? The street lamps look legit, they found the perfect shade of green, and they even made it line-specific — it’s an N/Q/R station.

With all due respect to director Paul Feig, his set designers, and the production team, there is no N/Q/R station at 50th Street. It’s close: There’s a stop at 49th Street on Seventh Avenue (and an entrance on 48th Street), and other lines do hit 50th — the C and E and 1 trains on the West Side, and the B/D/F/M line in midtown — but, sadly, no dice for the ol’ yellow line.

It’s doubtful that this slight oversight will somehow destroy the film’s authenticity — it’s fiction; the original featured a giant marshmallow man who kills people — but it will definitely keep us on the lookout for other such New York–specific blunders.

The good news is that this shot of Boston’s Milk Street–as–Sixth Avenue seems to be free of error — at least at first glance.