Sorry, New Yorker: Nice Cartoon, but Courtney Barnett Is Left-Handed


Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t the only southpaw people are talking about this summer, as Courtney Barnett — Australia’s most sought-after indie export — has continued to pack rooms while unpacking depression with the songs off March’s meteoric breakthrough album, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit. Barnett sold out two shows at the Bowery Ballroom back in May, and will headline (an also sold-out) Terminal 5 with Speedy Ortiz and Torres on July 22. This is great — Sometimes I Sit and Think is clearly still resonating with people as Barnett continues to tour and hit festivals, the clamoring crowds growing before her. T5 is her biggest NYC show to date — or at least it will be until October 23, when she’ll return to the city to open for Blur at Madison Square Garden.

The combination of the swell of Barnett’s popularity and her sold-out local gig caught the New Yorker‘s attention, and the magazine accompanied its blurb with a cool illustration by Cun Shi. Only one thing: Barnett is a left-handed guitarist — why else would we make that Gyllenhaal joke? — and the image has her picking the strings with her right hand. (On this tour, in fact, she has been favoring a lefty Fender Telecaster.)

Here’s the New Yorker‘s illustration. While they certainly nailed Barnett’s live vibe, down to the psychedelic lights, she’s playing a righty guitar right-handed:

Courtney Barnett plays Terminal 5 on July 22 with Speedy Ortiz and Torres. Tickets have sold out, but can be found on the secondary market.