Catch the MTV ‘Guy Code’ Guys for Free This Week


If you’ve known, or have been yourself, a fourteen-year-old girl in the last five years, then you know Guy Code. Even if you’re a fully grown adult who is “too cool for that kind of thing,” you might find it difficult to escape the show’s massive popularity, or the dozens of (OK, maybe only three) spin-offs it spawned. Even if you think the quips and tips about hair gel usage and bathroom etiquette are silly, the comedians they booked to dish them out are seriously funny. You can catch two of these teenage dreams/talented comedians — Andrew Schulz and Dan Soder — for free this week, along with all manner of other hilarious goodness.

Wednesday, July 22:

I Don’t Get It
HiFi (169 Avenue A), 8 p.m., Free

Nick Mullen is an incredibly enjoyable ball of cynicism, whether it’s onstage, adding his two cents on the Race Wars podcast, or parodying Mommy Bloggers as Nicole Mullen. Nick joins Jason Sáenz and Nat Towsen for this show that includes improv groups Nighttime Boss and Three Piece Bikini.

Hardcore Comedy
HeadQuarters NY Gentlemen’s Club (552 West 38th Street), 8:30 p.m., $10 in advance/$20 at the door

They say the same insecurities and need for attention that lead girls to the pole are what turn men into comedians, so it’s no surprise there is a lot of overlap between the two fields. While the line is starting to blur with the numerous naked/lingerie comedy shows throughout the city, Hardcore Comedy leaves the nudity to the professionals. It also features a stacked lineup of fully clothed and smut-friendly comedians, including Jay Oakerson, Dante Nero, Aaron Berg, and Jaqi Furback, all hosted by porn star–turned-comedian Alia Janine.


Thursday, July 23:

Date Night?
The Creek and the Cave (10-93 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City), 9:30 p.m., Free

If you follow Mark Normand’s podcast, Tuesdays With Stories, then you know he is thoroughly unqualified to run his own love life, much less give advice to anyone else. But isn’t terrible advice and commiserating tales of misadventure better than Dear Abby columns? And Mark’s just one of six comedians available to offer absolutely no useful guidance for the dating quandaries anonymously submitted by the audience.

The PIT (123 East 24th Street), 9:30 p.m, $10

The State’s Kevin Allison leads this storytelling show/live podcast that draws big names from both coasts to cop to the kinds of stories they don’t even share with their closest friends, but will admit in front of dozens of strangers.


Friday, July 24:

Current Events
The Magnet Theater (254 West 29th Street), 7 p.m., $7

This live Daily Show–style rundown is celebrating two years of poking fun at our dumb news. For the big anniversary, host Jarret Berenstein is joined by everyone’s favorite handsome, edgy caveman Sam Morril and rising comedy hotshot Will Miles.

Wolf Spirit Live
The Creek and the Cave (10-93 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City), 8 p.m., Free

This show embraces just about every skill and tool they say comedians need to “make it” in the current media and technology landscape, with a sketch screening, followed by a podcast panel, and, oh yeah, stand-up. Hopefully, they’ll Periscope themselves Snapchatting it, too. But stand-up is the focus of the night, with a long set from Sean Patton topping the bill. There’s even a free beer in it for the punctual types who are seated and ready when the show begins.

Creek Cave Live
The Creek and the Cave (10-93 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City), 8 p.m., Free

Continuing the free-beer and mixed-media theme of the night, Creek Cave Live offers a free PBR tallboy to all attendees and a dance party immediately following. Hot young New Yorkers Molly Austin, Tom Cowell, Jason Sáenz, and Kenny DeForest are joined by Los Angeles’s KT Tatara.

Center City Comedy
The Standing Room (47-38 Vernon Boulevard, Long Island City), 9 p.m., Free
The Laughing Devil stood a few blocks away from the Creek and the Cave, but was permanently under its shadow as the lesser of the two Long Island City comedy venues. A renovation and rebranding, courtesy of the team behind the Stand in Manhattan, is looking to change all that. They’ve quietly reopened their doors, and the first show on the new stage will feature this great crew of comedians from Philly.

Nacho Bitches
New York Comedy Club (241 East 24th Street), 11:30 p.m., $5 online with code NACHO

Blair Socci and Corinne Fisher are celebrating a year of great, cheap comedy and OK but free nachos with a knockout show. You’re probably familiar with Yamaneika Saunders and Monroe Martin from their appearances on last season’s Last Comic Standing (and numerous other TV appearances since). Nick Turner may be a less familiar face to the TV viewing public, but is practically a legend in the NYC indie comedy scene. They’re joined by young gun Casey James Salengo, who brings an affable and non-threatening charm to his act that complements his surprisingly fresh take on very universal subjects.


Saturday, July 25:

UCB Theatre NY (307 West 26th Street), 10:30 p.m., $10

If comedy equals tragedy plus time, then adding anonymity and an improv team to your dirty little secrets must make them hilarious. Grandma’s Ashes will draw written secrets from audience members and turn them into a hilarious, fully improvised show.


Sunday, July 26:

Michelle Buteau Comedy Central Album Recording

Union Hall (702 Union Street, Brooklyn), 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., $8

Michelle Buteau’s sassy, spunky, opinionated charm made a memorable mark on a lot of the VH1 talking-heads shows like Best Week Ever. She brings that same engaging and forceful personality to her stand-up, which is being recorded for the ages tonight.


Monday, July 27:

Open Door Comedy
The Open Door (110 John Street), 8 p.m., Free

Tucked in the bowels of the financial district, in the back of a gastropub, the guys behind the Temple Horses sketch group host a free weekly comedy show that boasts a surprisingly stacked lineup and a surprisingly packed house. Mixing in comedians of various experience levels, it always includes at least one heavy hitter, and this week it features two(!): Andrew Schulz, the tall, dark-haired guy from basically every single show on MTV and MTV2, and Dan Soder, the even taller, not-as-dark-haired guy from all the other shows on MTV and MTV2.


Tuesday, July 28:

Union Hall (702 Union Street, Brooklyn), 8 p.m., $10

Joe Zimmerman often jokes about things like killer stop signs and spirit animals, but he likes to think about the deeper things in life, too. So he created a show to feature comedians who like to do the same, both in their acts and in a post-set chat with Joe. This month, he’s plumbing the depths of the very funny Yassir Lester, Kara Klenk, and Tom Cowell.