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Brooklyn Pawnshop Employee Gets a Weekends-Only Sentence for Embezzling $120,000


The manager of a Brooklyn pawnshop has received a weekends-only prison sentence after stealing $120,000 from his job.

Timmy Harrison, 35, pleaded guilty in May and was sentenced on Friday to a relatively unusual intermittent sentence: He’ll have to spend weekends in jail for the next six months after stealing from Modell Pawnbrokers in Brownsville.

Harrison was convicted of one count of fourth-degree grand larceny. According to the office of Brooklyn D.A. Ken Thompson, as the manager of the location on Pitkin Avenue — Brownsville’s main commercial district — Harrison was in charge of all cash that came through the business, and had “exclusive” access to some high-security areas.

In August of 2014, the owner of the pawnshop, Eric Modell, who owns a total of eight locations in New York City, became suspicious about “financial irregularities,” according to Thompson’s office. Modell sent his director of security to look into the issue, who confronted Harrison, after which he admitted to quietly squirreling away the $120,000 in cash.

In addition to the weekends-only sentence, the defendant was ordered to pay full restitution to Modell.

“We intend to make sure that the defendant pays back every dime that he stole from his employer and also serves jail time for his criminal conduct,” Thompson said.

While rarely handed down, weekend sentencing is nothing new, and is often viewed as a more humane approach to incarceration for nonviolent offenders. By allowing convicts to maintain a largely normal life during the week, some of the economic costs of incarceration can be reduced — offenders continue working, paying taxes, and providing for their families.


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