The Sticker Protests Continue Against Breast Augmentation Ads on the Subway


Spotted over the weekend: a new batch of these stickers over subway advertisements for breast augmentation that activists find insulting and aggravating.

Below’s the full ad, still running on subways, on which the stickers are placed. The stickers feature the now iconic 1971 portrait of Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes by photographer Dan Wynn. (That photo appeared in Esquire magazine, of all places, a powerful image that’s pretty much the opposite of the image on the cover that month.)

The duo reunited recently to re-create the photo to bring attention to the discrimination older women face.

By the way, the stickers have been for sale online for about five years.

Another ad from the company, the Long Island City-based Doctors Plastic Surgery, has since been removed from the subways after a top aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo argued for its removal (and for the MTA to revise its advertising standards) in April 2014, shortly after the ads were put up.

What do you think? Is this ad sexist? Here it is again: