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Staten Island Voters Reeeeally Hate President Obama’s Iran Deal


A Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday shows our great city’s inter-borough political divide in stark relief, with 76 percent of Staten Islanders saying they oppose the nuclear deal recently struck between Iran and the United States.

Opposition to the deal is almost twenty points higher in that borough than elsewhere, and even exceeds the opposition among Republican voters citywide, of whom only 70 percent oppose the agreement.

The overall numbers aren’t good either, as the Republican Party and its house organ, Fox News, continue to flog the agreement, something they’ve done since even before its announcement last month. Citywide, 43 percent oppose the deal, 36 percent support it, and the remainder aren’t sure. The numbers are better among Democrats, with 43 percent in favor, but not by much. Quinnipiac researchers suggest the lukewarm embrace of one of the Obama administration’s signature foreign policy legacies might boost New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s position in Congress; he’s among a group of dissident Democrats who have come out against the plan.

The numbers, which track generally with national polls, will matter too, as the Republican-controlled House is expected to introduce legislation condemning the deal. The Obama administration says the agreement will forestall Iran’s building a nuclear weapon and open Tehran’s facilities for inspection. Tehran insists that it is interested only in civilian nuclear power, and in return for its concessions has won the eventual removal of many of the economic sanctions levied against it in recent years.

The G.O.P., for its part, has campaigned against the deal vigorously and occasionally insanely, like when Texas senator Ted Cruz, a Republican candidate for president, said its approval would make the Obama administration “the world’s leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism.” Another candidate, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, said the deal would take the Israelis and “march them to the door of the oven.”

Huckabee was criticized by some Israeli leaders for those comments, and the Quinnipiac poll shows that support among Jewish voters in New York City is actually slightly higher than among Catholics — 33 percent to 22. Among voters overall, Manhattan was the borough offering the most support for the president’s plan — 48 percent — with Brooklyn at 40 percent, Queens at 33, and the Bronx at 26 percent support.

“New York City voters agree with U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer in his opposition to the proposed Iran deal,” said Quinnipiac University Poll assistant director Maurice Carroll in a press release. “But the man who would be Senate Democratic leader should note that his fellow Democrats support the deal.”

The full numbers can be seen below or at the Quinnipiac website.

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