Exclusive: Listen to Tokyo Police Club’s Remix of ‘Love’ by Chaos Chaos


It was one of those things that seems like it could only happen in Brooklyn. While attending a friend’s show at the now-defunct, much beloved D.I.Y. venue 285 Kent, sisters Asya and Chloe Saavedra spotted a familiar face in the crowd. It was Dave Monks, bassist-frontman for Tokyo Police Club. As Smoosh, the duo toured with TPC in 2008, when they were still teenagers. At the time of their chance meeting, the girls had already rechristened themselves Chaos Chaos and were hard at work on the EP that would reintroduce a more grown-up sound to the world. Now in their early twenties, they released Committed to the Crime last fall. It eschews the straightforward indie-pop of their earlier incarnation for darker, more minimalist synth jams in the vein of Charlie XCX and Tove Lo.

“Dave was into our new EP and we were stoked when TPC said they’d be down to remix a track,” Asya says. The Village Voice is pleased to present the collaboration in an exclusive premiere ahead of their show tonight at Elvis Guesthouse. Greg Alsop, TPC’s drummer, handles remix duties for the band, and gave the EP’s lead track, “Love,” a more percussive treatment. Infectious handclaps and a jagged guitar line fill in the already earnest imperative of the song’s chorus, the sisters’ harmonies swirling together as they sing, “Am I crazy to make you love me?” Its verses sound more expansive with new digital flourishes, which is appropriate considering the personal growth Asya and Chloe have undergone since putting Smoosh to bed and moving from Seattle to Brooklyn.

Though the pair are still young, it’s clear that they’ve already come to the realization that opening up is the best way to someone else’s heart. As the keystone of their EP, “Love” echoes their newfound focus on more personal lyrics. And their new name, they say, is indicative of the turmoil and confusion of evolving, both musically as a group, and individually as they gain more life experiences. It’s fitting, then, that the remix commemorates one of their most formative experiences: the time they spent on the road with Tokyo Police Club.

“This remix is a reunion of sorts,” says Asya. “We’ve known TPC for so long and have so many crazy and weird tour memories with them. This one time they made us a giant Lego creature that we tried to save for a while, but it didn’t make it through the tour.” Even if the Lego creature didn’t last, this latest mash-up is an excellent consolation.

Chaos Chaos bring their latest to Elvis Guesthouse on August 13, with dates in the very near future scheduled at Baby’s All Right on August 31 and Union Hall on September 3.