Let There Be Truffles: Enjoy the Casual-Luxe Bar Food Menu at MAMO Lounge


If you love dressing up in Herve Leger bodycon dresses, and dating men in white jeans named Caspian, chances are you already know about MAMO Lounge (323 West Broadway; 646-964-4641), a bright, light beacon of luxe calm underneath the eponymous restaurant, in the heart of Soho.

If you don’t and you didn’t, now might be just the time to step into the pristine cool of the lounge bar, settle into a tan leather banquette, and prepare to sip like a Euro millionaire, but for a summer-special fraction of the cost.

MAMO is the American sister restaurant of a French Riviera classic, Mamo le Michelangelo, which has been serving classic French dishes for almost a quarter-century. In NYC, the menu by Michelin-starred Italian chef Massimo Sola has Italian influences, but is still rooted in the “heritage of my family traditions,” owner Mike “Mamo” Mammoliti tells the Voice.

“We started the bar menu to have an easygoing atmosphere in the lounge — more casual than the formal dining experience upstairs.” Though the food is similarly refined, the recently launched bar menu has more casual offerings too. “The panzanella is hands-down my favorite,” Mammoliti says. “It’s a very rustic dish that my grandmother used to make for me, so it really reminds me of home.”

Check out anything with truffles; the focaccia al tartufo, smothered with cheese and truffles shaved like the pepperoni on a Domino’s pizza, exudes easy luxury (well priced at $15), and truffle ravioli is a bar snack from the angels. With accompanying drink specials (including a $10 rosé), the price of Riviera living got a little easier to swallow.

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