Favorite Dishes #41: Malted Milkshake from Dizzy’s Diner


Milkshakes, it has been suggested, bring all the boys to the yard. Dizzy’s (511 9th Street, Brooklyn; 718-499-1966) malted version is bringing a lot of people to Park Slope, where the classic diner-style eatery excels at a belly-busting dessert drink worth waiting in line for. But surely you won’t be waiting long, especially considering that each shake is handmade to order, with three heaping scoops of vanilla ice cream. 

Throwing ice cream and milk together into a stainless steel shaker doesn’t require rocket science. Yet Dizzy’s elevates their milkshake with an ideal proportion of ingredients, yielding the proper result of sugary sweetness, and savory creaminess, delivered with a unfaltering consistency. Going for an old school soda shop feel, the folks behind the counter use locally-sourced ice cream, and jack it up with a spoonful of malt. It leaves your tongue with a faint echo of cereal milk that demands repeated sipping. 

Served in a traditional Y-shaped glass, the $5.50 frappe arrives at the table blanketed by a fluffy layer of cloud-like whipped cream. It’s all that, with a cherry on top. Literally. 

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