Music Publicist Grace Jones Isn’t THE Grace Jones So Stop Calling Her, Guys


Last weekend, Grace Jones stunned audiences at Afropunk when she not only kicked off the festival with a mesmerizing set at the Fancy Dress Ball but then delivered an equally powerful (and eye-catching) performance the following evening. Shortly after Afropunk 2015 drew to a close, Grace Jones was starting to get phone calls about blowing minds in Brooklyn — except those inquiries and press requests went to another Grace Jones, a Los Angeles-based music publicist who’s been fielding a bunch of missed musical connections like this for pretty much ever.

Jones — not the Afropunk-headlining one, the one who represents acts like Courtney Barnett, Bully and a number of artists on the Grandstand Media roster — has never heard from the Jamaican performer’s camp, but many have gotten in touch in hopes of getting a hold of the more famous of the Joneses. “I got an email a couple of years ago, and it was basically asking me if I would come and play the opening night of a gay nightclub in Amsterdam,” says Jones, Publicist. “It was asking what my booking retainer would be and what my rider would be. I was kind of tempted to be like, ‘Sure!’ and walk up all ‘Give me a thousand dollars!'”

As for the possibility of a Jones/Jones business relationship, she’d be all for it, even if that would bewilder people more than it already does. “I would die to do Grace’s publicity, although I could never do it — Grace Jones can’t be represented by Grace Jones,” she says. “It’s a little too confusing for people. I’ve never heard from her camp. Grace Jones probably wouldn’t care to know, to be honest! She’s such a presence, I don’t think she sweats the small stuff like that. I mean, I’ve grown up in her shadow, in that sense. I remember being a little kid and hearing Slave to the Rhythm and having no idea what people were talking about. The irony is that my mum named me after Grace Slick, so I actually was named after an amazing female musician — it just wasn’t the one that I have the same name as. Grace Slick may not be equally as cool but she’s equally amazing in her own way.”

The post-Afropunk emails have died down at Grandstand HQ, but the next time Jones does something remarkable — which will hopefully be sooner rather than later — rest assured the other Jones is getting plenty of questions about why notes about her performing topless in Brooklyn are popping up all over their newsfeed. (P.S.: If you’re Performer Grace Jones and you’re reading this, Publicist Grace Jones’ birthday is totally the day before your Hollywood Bowl show and you should have a party where the both of you wear Grace Jones name tags and eat cake and become best friends.)

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