Here Are Four Other Times a Rat Has Been Filmed Dragging Pizza in a Subway Station


By now you’ve all seen the video. A rat was filmed carrying what looks to be a slice of pizza (is it or isn’t it?) down a flight of stairs at the First Avenue L train station. The video was posted to YouTube by New York comedian Matt Little, and soon after, the internet went to work. Several outlets posted the video (on their own sites; the video on Little’s YouTube channel had been viewed just 700 times as this post went up), a hashtag was created (it’s #pizzarat, btw), and it has already gotten memed to death.

But is the concept of subway-rat-as-lugger-of-pizza anything new? According to YouTube, it’s not. The earliest video of a pizza-crazed subway rat seems to have appeared in 2006, and in the subsequent years, the hits have just kept on coming. On some occasions, animals that aren’t even rats have found themselves slices of pizza. Here are just four videos of some of the unlucky subway rodents who weren’t able to use their love of pizza as a springboard to internet celebrity, and it’s probably fair to assume there are more.