NYC Chefs Are Competing in a Cassoulet War — And They’re Sharing


We might be outnumbered, but when fall is nigh we take a stand against the pumpkin spices that begin to invade the atmosphere like dust motes in the late afternoon, infiltrating coffee drinks, craft beer, and even our pizza, every year at the same time. The seasons may be stirring a change in our collective appetite, but that’s no reason to consume autumnal flavors willy-nilly.

A far better strategy to satisfy seasonal cravings is going all-in for comforting, savory food that comes out of the oven — slow-cooked, deliciously hearty dishes with lots of tradition and provenance. Like cassoulet, for example.

The iconic dish from Southwest France, a rich, rib-sticking combination of beans and all manner of meats and charcuterie, is the subject of a spirited chef-duel — D’Artagnan’s Cassoulet War.

On September 24, fifteen NYC chefs are going head to head, each creating his or her own version of the legendary dish. The second annual event raises money to benefit Action Against Hunger, helping malnourished children and their families. For $75 (drinks included), every attendee will get to taste the chef’s creations, and will have a chance to weigh in on the voting as well. Celebrity judges include winemaker Jean-Michel Cazes, Andre Daguin, and Sara Moulton. The event is taking place at the Standard Biergarten at the High Line (West 12th Street; 212-645-4646) starting at 7 p.m.

Here’s the list of chefs who’ll be cooking up a storm:

  •  Angela Favela (Favela)
  •  Cedric Tovar (Claudette)
  •  Christine Nunn (Picnic in the Square)
  •  Harold Moore (Commerce)
  •  JJ Johnson (Cecil and Minton’s Harlem)
  •  Jordi Valles (Le District)
  •  Justin Smillie (Upland)
  •  Michael Faure (O’Cabanon)
  •  Pascal Escriout (Tournesol)
  •  Philippe Bertineau (Benoit)
  •  Pierre Landet (Felix)
  •  Ron Rosselli (The Standard)
  •  Shane McBride (Cherche Midi)
  •  Suzanne Cupps (Untitled at the Whitney)
  •  Daniel Eddy (Rebelle)