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You could say there are two sets of stars in Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s fast-charging rap-and-ballads musical at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. America’s Founding Fathers parade and strut their stuff, birthing this nation through bluster and rhetoric. George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and their crew wage war, draft a Constitution, and hash out an economic system. Their struggle to build a nation makes one mighty impressive tale. But Hamilton‘s real luminaries are the exuberant, pumped cast members, who own every word and bring home this history show with every note they sing. On top of that, factor in Miranda’s dazzling lyrics, the splendid performance of Daveed Diggs as Thomas Jefferson, and Jonathan Groff’s delightful turn as a miffy King George III. Hamilton makes us celebrate America’s odd foundations and its glorious diversity at the same time — a neat feat for a show that hits every mark. At the Richard Rodgers Theatre, 226 West 46th Street, Manhattan 10036, 212-221-1211,

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 13, 2015

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