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Best Dive Bar (Brooklyn)


Located just far enough away from the hullabaloo that is the Bedford L stop, Turkey’s Nest Tavern is an anomaly in an area where kale smoothies rule the streets. Looking like it came right out of 1976, this local watering hole has been serving large, cheap drinks for longer than anyone can remember. On most days, the long bar is scattered with blue-collar locals watching sports on one of the non-HD televisions, drinking 32-ounce beers in huge to-go containers for about $7 each. It’s not a place to get fancy with your drink order, but the place’s selection of frozen drinks, including a menacing absinthe margarita concoction, might be best enjoyed around a game at the tattered pool table in back. Come summertime, you’ll find dozens of softball players inside taking a break from the heat of McCarren Park across the street. Oh, and New York sports are a true emblem of pride here, so act accordingly and leave that Red Sox shirt at home. 94 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn 11211, 718-384-9774

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 13, 2015

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