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In this yoga class, we don’t hold poses, we “feel their hellish fire creeping into our bones.” We don’t rest in Savasana, we rest in peace in Corpse Pose. At Saskia Thode’s Metal Yoga Bones, you’re more likely to see jeans than spandex, leather than Lululemon. The generously inked German transplant, who brought her dark practice to the velvet-lined backroom of Bushwick’s Cobra Club earlier this year, has created the ideal class for people who want to sidestep all the hippie-dippy bull and crank up the badass on their yoga. A standard Vinyasa flow is set to heavy metal: Judas Priest and Iron Maiden amp the room up, while Celtic Frost and various instrumental numbers help the intimate class wind down and offer themselves to darkness. But unholy communion with Satan is optional — Thode has said her intention is to create a light, fun, judgment-free class where the heaviest thing is the music. And that she does. Because sitting in Prayer Position is way more fun when it’s called “hand horns.” Rock on. 6 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn 11237, 917-719-1138,

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 13, 2015

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