Angel Haze & KRS-One’s Double-Header Tops This Week’s Best NYC Concerts


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Thanksgiving may be more closely associated with culinary gluttony, department store-sponsored blow-up likenesses of cartoon characters, and football, but this is New York City. We never sleep, and we certainly don’t stop going to shows just to commemorate the (historically inaccurate) tale of the Mayflower’s arrival. Speaking of colonization, the Jim James-led Southern psych-rock outfit My Morning Jacket invades New Amsterdam this week, with four shows at the Beacon Theatre, and while they’re likely to focus on material from their latest album, The Waterfall, released last May via ATO/Capitol Records. the set is sure to see plenty of songs from their extensive back catalogue as well. Leading up to Turkey Day, there are high-profile gigs from trailblazing hip-hop acts Angel Haze and KRS-One, legendary black metal rockers Mayhem and Watain, and the incomparable Stevie Wonder, just to name a few. So before the food coma sets in, check out one of these shows — there’ll be plenty of time for a nap later.

Monday 11/23
Angel Haze
8 p.m., $15-$18
Downtown nightclub Sounds of Brazil (a.k.a. S.O.B.’s) will host two back-to-back album release parties on Monday night that span hip-hop history. The first showcases its future, with fearless, fierce, pansexual rapper Angel Haze presenting songs from her second record Back to the Woods, released via Soundcloud in September. Her unflinchingly honest, mile-a-minute rhymes boast her abilities one moment and relive painful biographical details in the next. That’s part of what makes her such a compelling artist – her confidence and honesty, placed side-by-side, make her heroic and human all at once. – Lindsey Rhoades

10 p.m., $20
After Angel Haze’s set, pioneering MC KRS-One celebrates the release of his latest LP, Now Hear This, produced by Predator Prime and slated to drop this Tuesday. Sometimes known as Teacha, KRS-One has been spitting politically-minded rap since the late Eighties as part of seminal South Bronx hip-hop group Boogie Down Productions, a tendency which became more pointed as he launched a solo career in 1993. For over two decades, he’s addressed concerns over police brutality and systemic racism, both in his music and as an outspoken activist. He also penned a 600-page rap “Bible” meant as a foundation for a new religion based on hip-hop; if that faith ever takes root, there’s no question he’ll be considered one of the Gods. Anyone wishing to attend both shows must buy tickets to each separately, but considering how like-minded and technically adroit these artists are, it’s certainly worth making an evening out of both performances. – Lindsey Rhoades

Wild Nothing + Alex G
Baby’s All Right
8 p.m., $16
Though they haven’t released an album since 2012’s Nocturne, Wild Nothing are gearing up for something big. Currently touring South America, they’ll make a stop at Baby’s All right for their sole U.S. appearance. As far back as May they claimed to have recorded a new LP, so here’s hoping they’ll share some of those songs. Either way, their shoegazey pop will be a welcome respite from the holiday madness, and that’s doubly true with Alex G sharing the bill. His recently released Beach Music is full of off-kilter indie folk gems. And though he’s played in the NYC area quite often, this is the last chance to see him before he heads to Europe – he’s not slated to return until April, when when he’ll play a few dates in support of Porches, both having recently signed to Domino Records. – Lindsey Rhoades

Tuesday 11/24
My Morning Jacket
Beacon Theatre
8 p.m., $54
Never a band to shy away from an extended jam session, My Morning Jacket are spreading their epic live show across four nights this November (24, 25, 27, & 28) at the Beacon Theatre, a venue on the uncharacteristically small size compared to the expansive fields and arenas the Louisville rockers are capable of filling. The Jim James–led band is on the road in support of their seventh studio album, the big, trippy ride The Waterfall. Woods, Strand of Oaks, Cass McCombs, and Craig Finn will each open one night of the stint. – Jill Menze

Mayhem, Watain, Rotting Christ
Music Hall of Williamsburg
7 p.m., $30
While most folks are familiar with Black Friday as the biggest shopping day of the year, the talent buyers at Music Hall of Williamsburg apparently want to institute a new Thanksgiving tradition one might call “Black Tuesday” by bringing two of black metal’s most notorious and influential acts, Watain and Mayhem, to co-headline one demonic bill. With stagenames like “Hellhammer” and “Necrobutcher,” Norway’s Mayhem features three of its original members: Jan Axel Blomberg, Jørn Stubberud and Sven Erik Kristiansen. Guitarist Rune Eriksen joined in 1995, as replacement for Øystein Aarseth, who was slain by former Mayhem member Varg Vikernes, also known to metalheads as the man behind Burzum. Though Watain’s bio is slightly less violent, that doesn’t mean the Swedes don’t have a penchant for bodily fluids, fire, and pain. At a 2014 Brooklyn Night Bazaar performance, members of the audience were said to vomit after being sprayed with animal blood. And since nothing says “Happy Holidays” like putrefying prophets, Greek pioneers of extreme metal Rotting Christ round things out. – Lindsey Rhoades

Stevie Wonder
Madison Square Garden
8 p.m., $49.50 – $165
Songs In The Key Of Life was written in Seventies, but many of its themes of unity and compassion are still ones society needs to hear today. Perhaps that’s part of the reason that Stevie Wonder is revisiting the Grammy-winning double LP out on the road for a series of epic shows, performing Songs in its entirety. Reports have come in from prior stops on the tour that the marathon performances last well over three hours, with Wonder returning to play a medley of additional hits during a second set. His Madison Square Garden Show on Tuesday promises to be just as epic. – Lindsey Rhoades

Macy Gray
City Winery
8 p.m., $45-$65
Before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade hits Midtown, you can have a Macy Day of your own. Since the release of her 1999 breakout debut On How Life Is, featuring smash hit “I Try,” Grammy winner Macy Gray has released a total of seven studio albums and toured extensively as a vocalist with saxophonist David Murray’s jazz ensemble. Though her raspy voice remains instantly recognizable, she’s struggled to find another smash radio single, but her latest album The Way, is a return to form. Her first record of original material since 2010’s The Sellout, Gray collaborated with the legendary Booker T. Jones on songs like “First Time (Revisited)” and has steeped her hip-hop, R&B, soul and rock blend with lessons learned while singing in jazz outfits. She’ll show New Yorkers The Way when she visits City Winery for two nights (Tuesday and Wednesday) this week. – Lindsey Rhoades

Wednesday 11/25
Scott Weiland
Gramercy Theatre
7 p.m., $34.50
Always a glam rocker at heart, Scott Weiland has held a sometimes tenuous, sometimes triumphant spot as one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most enduring frontmen — first, with his iconic Nineties outfit Stone Temple Pilots, and later with hard-hitting supergroup Velvet Revolver. With Blaster, Weiland’s first solo album recorded with backing trio the Wildabouts, Weiland blends his rock history with his glam-leaning tendencies, unironically covering “20th Century Boy” and slaying originals like “Modzilla.” Touring in support of the record (which makes a stop at Gramercy Theatre on Thanksgiving Eve), he’s been adding some David Bowie into sets focused solidly on rollicking Blaster fare like “White Lightning,” with Velvet Revolver hits and STP classics thrown into the fray for good measure. Could be he’s rehearsing for an STP reunion; as recently reported, Chester Bennington, the man who replaced Weiland when the band officially ousted him in 2013, has also parted ways with the DeLeo brothers, leaving the door wide open for Weiland’s return — if the seminal alternative group can set aside their bad blood and legal issues. – Lindsey Rhoades

Eddi Front
8 p.m., $5
Las-Vegas born, New York-based singer-songwriter Ivana Carrescia literally made a name for herself, adopting the moniker Eddi Front to release a critically hailed EP whose four songs were part dreamy folk and part slowed-down cabaret, lusciously depressive as sung in a sultry lisp, each “S” drawn out to an indulgent hiss. She’s finally readying her debut LP, having released one single, “Elevator,” thus far, and will bring a full batch of new songs to Palisades on Wednesday, alongside New York rocker Rachel Angel, the Damien Rice-esque balladry of Family Lumber, and bedroom dream pop project Beach Moon/Peach Moon. It’s mellower fare than Palisades normally hosts, but promises to be a great showcase of locals dabbling in heartfelt lyrics and thoughtful melodies. – Lindsey Rhoades